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Nick's Journal

Computing Science 212: Computer Design and Architecture II

In this course, we will study the structure of micro-processors, from digital logic level to microprogramming level, and the communication between processors and interfaces which represent hardware devices. Each student will design and build a 16-bit processor, CAPC, in LogicWorks4.

This is my journal page from Computing Science 212 at Capilano College for the Spring 2005 Semester. In this course we are designing 16-Bit Processor (called CAPC) in Logic Works 4. My instructor for this calss is Dr Minoru Hasegawa, and the course website can be accessed here. Throughout the semester, I will update this site whenever I have finished a lab. There are 10 Labs in total.

The latest version of LogicWorks is 5.0 (which can be accessed here), but we will use be using LogicWorks 4.1 (which can be accessed here)

Lab 1: Building A Clock

Lab 2: Adding A PC, MAR, and 16-Bit BUS

Lab 3: Making an Enhanced PC

Lab 3.5: Redesigning the Skeletal Processor

Lab 4: Adding PROM, MBR, and IR

Lab 5: CAPC Processor (Step 1): The HLT Line

Lab 6: Wiring LDG

Lab 7: CAPC Processor (Step 2): Replacing The PROM With RAM

Lab 8: Wiring SDG

Lab 9: ALU and Wiring ADD

Lab 10: To be Completed